5 Tips to Improve Your Brand Image

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Hey everyone, it’s Ryan Henry, Idea Guy for INSPIREsmall.biz and today we’re going to talk about 5 Tips to Improve Your Branding.

Choose Your Colors & Fonts

Document the exact shade of each color and fonts used in your logo. Remember to document both a printed and digital version of your colors.

Choose colors that create the psychological message you want your customers to feel. For example, the energy of red, the courage of orange, the creativity of yellow or the trust of blue.

Choose 2 or 3 fonts that express the personality of your brand without being difficult to read. If you’re using a scripty font, use it as your Header and pair it with something much easier to read. If you paid for premium fonts, make sure your license includes the ability to use your fonts in printed or digital formats.

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Update Your Logo

Your logo is a visual statement of the brand you’ve created, so it has to look great everywhere you share it. Create two versions of your logo, one in color and the second in grayscale for black and white printing. Remember to have each version in a high-resolution format for a sharp and crisp display of your brand.

Update Your Social Media Images

Consistency is important when it comes to building trust with your customers. Make sure your social media profiles have the same profile picture and consistent cover photo. Remember that each social media network has slightly different sizes for your cover photo. If you only plan to create one cover photo, keep your content close to the center of your image so it doesn’t cut off on smaller display areas.

Refresh Your Email Templates

Email is an invaluable tool for every business because of its extreme Return on Investment. Your email template should be a perfect representation of your brand from your current logo to customizing the call-to-action buttons to match your color palette. Remember to test your template on both desktop and smartphone displays before sending emails.

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Update Your Business Cards

Your business card is a mini billboard for your business. Use your brand’s colors and fonts to create a business card that is easy to read and includes the contact information your prospects prefer to use. There is also a growing movement of digital business cards. Digital business cards add the benefit of clickable links that make it even easier for prospects to reach you.

For more tips on building your brand, check out our Business Building Guides: Creating Your Brand Style Guide, or book an appointment with me today here.

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