Marijuana Stock and ETF'S

PUBLISHED Sep 13, 2021, 1:49:16 PM        SHARE

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In the current medical field of medicine technology and developments, interest in marijuana as a medicinal drug is starting to Grow in leaps and bounds. Though still basically illegal from a federal government perspective, it has also been legalized in 29+ states and growing for medical and recreational use and sales . There are also companies investing highly in Marijuana and going public and ground level, In the form of Stock and ETF's. This is a potential windfall for a savy long term Investment should the market and demand increase for medical and recreational marijuana. While I would not make any stock or ETF purchase recommendations, I would suggest that you carefully investigate and get the prospectus on the stocks and ETF's you might be interested in. In time you could really get a high from these stock and ETF options.. Respectively..

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