How the Community Works
Our community is dedicated to helping investors perform well in the stock market by using the wisdom of the crowd. Our community strives to have fun while teaching members how to improve portfolio performance.
Join a Group
There are a variety of groups to join that focus on certain investing topics. After choosing a group, you’ll have access to make a stock pick within that community.
Create a stock post
Share a stock pick with the group and write your thoughts. We let others comment on your stock post and track the performance of the stock you pick. Get ready, your stock post is shared on the group's feed and group members will see how much your stock gains in the market.
Every stock post matters! Each post you make is added to your simulated portfolio.
Manage Your Portfolio
All of your stock posts are added to your simulated portfolio. You get one simulated portfolio per group. The simulated portfolio starts with one million virtual dollars. After each stock post, a position is allocated and diversified automatically in the portfolio for you.
Trades are locked in at the opening of trading (typically 9:30am eastern time) and the close of trading (typically 4pm eastern time).
Group Leaderboards
Alright, you made some great stock picks and have a strong portfolio. Let’s see how you’re faring against others in your group.
Check out the portfolios of your friends and learn what has made them successful. Checkout which stocks are the most popular, and which picks were the most profitable. We give you all the data so you can learn from the crowd's wisdom.
Advanced Topics
Beyond Trending
We are disrupting how financial media content is disseminated. When you see a feed post, you're seeing the best analysis from our top performing investors. Our feeds prioritize performance and education over hype and sensationalism. Your posts are viewed by more people when you write a strong analysis and have earned bragging rights and badges. Our public feed shows the best of the best. In the my profile page, choose to be a publisher to get a chance to trend to the top of our public page. Posts on the public page are seen by thousands!
What are Badges?
Badges are earned when you complete an achievement. This could be as simple as joining early (thank you early adopters), making some stock picks, or having the best performing portfolio in your group. You keep your badges forever and we trend users with more badges.
The early adopter badge is easy to earn. Just take a chance and sign up!
You can win a top performer badge by having the best portfolio performance in your group.
Get to the top of the public feed! This is a hard badge to earn and it gets harder as more users join.
What are Bragging Rights?
You must compete for bragging rights! Bragging rights are held only as long as you've maintained the achievement. Some are earned through personal achievement, while others must be earned in competition! Bragging rights hold the most weight in the trending and directly represents a user's portfolio performance.
Fill out your profile and make a few stock picks on a regular basis to get this Active User bragging right.
The first rule of investing: make money! A user with this bragging right has a portfolio with a positive return.
Only the best get the pack leader bragging right. They have the best performance on the network!